Prague by night

On this tour you will discover the secret of the city or why Prague has the status of a "magical city". During the frightening tour, visitors will learn the secret of the Týn Church, the "executioner's house" and the "pale-faced" Prague black knight.

The tour answers the question of how wizards and magicians from all over the world came to the city. Then tourists can learn more about the medieval pseudoscience of alchemy and how the first alchemical laboratory was organized. Who gave the alchemists a whole street to use? The excursion is conducted by Valery Karobchits in the guise of a good wizard.

The tour visits the places of secret meetings of the members of the Masonic lodge. The tour ends in the medieval Jewish quarter. Who was feared and who protected its inhabitants?
During the tour medieval layers of urban legends will be revealed. At the end of the tour you will be able to try to guess the place where the treasure was buried according to the legend.

Individual excursion only for you and your relatives and friends. Cost per group
The tour takes 2 hours.